Email design doesn't need to be painful. It can actually be a joy! 

Email design doesn't need to be painful

Are your emails looking tired or way behind your website?


Would you like to stand out?


Create delight?


I can help bring your emails leaps forwards! Have you considered, you can send messages with email code others aren't using yet? Email doesn't have to be boring or the same as everyone else's. You can do cool stuff - if you've got someone who knows how.
Which means results: you'll engage more with your subscribers and grow your business. ♥


Have you seen a Masonry Email before?

Yes it is possible! It's just one example of how innovative you can be with email. There's loads of others: animation; gradients; probably your brand fonts used in the message. It really doesn't have to be boring or like everyone else's emails 😉

Digital innovation and the best screen creativity happens on the web. And so email often gets overlooked. And there's the problem. But it doesn't need to be that way. I'm keen to see email push boundaries and be the best it can be. And that can have a major effect on your business results. So, wouldn't it be great if we could work together?

Let's bust some myths about email
#1 Everything is built with tables 🙁

Let's bust some myths about email
#1 Everything is built with tables 🙁

Fans of web standards don’t lose heart! Table based builds have been a the core of email design since day dot. But the times are a-changing! The great news is, there’s innovators using really cool methods like the CSS grid technique. What’s that? An awesome way of creating a beautiful, masonry tiling email. Cool eh?




#2 Isn’t email dead?

#2 Isn’t email dead?

This is a phrase I’ve heard a lot, but over the years email’s popularity still outruns this prediction. There’s an estimated 6.32 billion email accounts worldwide (that’s an average of 2 per person). Email fits seamlessly into people’s online journeys: buying train tickets, shopping for gifts or doing a crowd funding campaign. It’s a whopping 40x better at winning new customers than Facebook or Twitter.

#3 Outlook spoils it for everyone

Oh, the source of every e-marketer’s troubles. Outlook is known for making things look funky. The fact it uses Word to render code is the problem. It’s not all bad - there are well tested fixes, phew! And, mobile has shot way ahead in terms of open rates (iOS + Gmail take a massive 60% vs Outlook on 8%). The key to great email design is don’t go for pixel perfect - be relevant and creative. Such a bar is impossible. And that leads onto my next thought...


#4 You can’t innovate

Oh yes you can! There’s some amazing innovators in the email community. Jason Rodriguez, Elliot Ross and Justin Khoo are all vocal ambassadors for interactivity and animation within email design. There doesn’t need to be a knowledge gap between digital teams and email innovation - I’m here to help 😉 Cool ideas can work on screen and in the inbox - it’s a case of knowing what’s possible.


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